Wrap Yourself Slim

Most people experience body wraps at the salon or spa but did you know that body wraps for inch loss can easily be carried out in your home?  Ella Simpson’s downloadable book, Wrap Yourself Slim, explores how you can use body wraps to reduce inches and how permanent results can be achieved.

ebook250So what is a body wrap and why might you want to use one?  Well, it’s a tried and tested beauty treatment which will reduce inches and contour your body shape in just one hour.  It produces therapeutic and cosmetic benefits by detoxifying the body using natural and simple ingredients.  Toxins are eliminated and skin is toned and tightened.  Your skin will be conditioned, feel softer, and appear smoother.  There will be a visible improvement in cellulite dimples and skin ripples.  The wraps involve masking your body in a combination of ingredients, then wrapping up firmly using a sheet, cloth strips or plastic wrap.

In Wrap Yourself Slim, Ella provides you with all the information you need in order to prepare your skin properly for a body wrap and techniques to use to boost your skin’s absorption and cirulation properties.  She details the formulae needed to create her simple body wrap recipes.  The ingredients are easily obtainable as they can be purchased in your local health food store or online.

As well as the main ebook, Ella includes some bonus items when you make your purchase:

  • The Body Detox Method: A program to help you clean, clear and cleanse your body from the inside out
  • 40 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Electronic Book & Audio Program: Learn how to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, the causes of stretch marks, and how you can avoid getting them
  • Report on Bath Therapy and Advanced Body Wraps: New information on bath therapy and body wrapping applied extensively in Europe.
  • Keep Your Breast Size While Losing Weight: Losing weight doesn’t have to cost you your breast size.

To buy Wrap Yourself Slim, receive free lifetime updates to the book and receive the bonus items listed above, for the all in price of $29.95, just follow this link to Ella’s website and scroll down to the order form at the bottom.  Should you not be satisfied with the product, there is an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee – no hassle, no quibble – so you have nothing to lose, except body inches, by purchasing the book today.