Who doesn’t love a beautifully crafted beauty product?  I am always drawn to the soap stalls at fetes and craft shows – always pretty, appealing to the eye and beautifully packaged.  I work my way through the whole range, picking each one up to check out the scent, enjoying the colours and the care which has obviously been taken to produce them.

So what could be nicer than making your own beauty products?  Knowing what’s inLavenderField them without having to read labels, putting your own finishing touches and choosing your favourite scents, you can easily make your own.  And almost certainly not only for your own use; I’m sure you’ll want to share them with friends and family as gifts.  Or, who knows, maybe even set up your own business!

Here at The Best Homemade Beauty Products we explore what’s available on the internet for you to make your own personalised products.  We have a great downloadable ebook teaching you how to make your own soap, a simply super book on natural anti-aging skincare recipes you can make at home and a book which shows you how to make your own body wraps and save on salon fees.